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School Rules & Regulations
School Rules & Regulations



  1. Every student should bring his/her diary to school regularly.
  2. At the first bell all the students must form the line for the assembly and return to class silently after the completion of Assembly.
  3. Running or shouting in the corridors is not permitted. The students must walk in silence when they move to Computer Lab, Science Lab, Library, Mathematics Lab, Play Ground, Dance Class, Music Class, Morning Assembly etc. Every movement of the student on the school campus must be orderly, quiet and purposeful.
  4. English is the medium of instruction in our school. Therefore it is compulsory for all students and teachers to use English language for academic work as well as for conversation in the school premises.
  5. The behavior of a student inside and outside the school is our area and we feel concerned.
  6. If a student tries to be a nuisance for his/her own school fellow, whether inside or outside the school premises, or in his/her locality, the impudent student will be taken to task by the Principal.
  7. The students are required to stand upright and alert whenever in conversation with the Principal, a teacher or visitor.
  8. The student must be smartly dressed in their school-uniforms. Students should come to school in proper uniform on all working days and school functions. Due respect to the school uniform must be shown and it should be ensured that the students should not be wearing school uniform after school hours.
  9. The students are required to enter the classroom and to leave the classroom after seeking permission from the class teacher or the class monitor.
  10. Ornaments of Gold & Silver, expensive watches, mobile phones and any other expensive items not concerned with school activities are not to be brought to the school. All students must take care to take away their stationery, articles, food boxes etc. with them before leaving their class rooms.
  11. Use of any abusive or unparliamentarily language/actions in the school premises, playground etc would lead to disciplinary action.
  12. Every student is expected to take care of his/her desk and chair. It will be appreciated if the student shows due care to the school property.
  13. Unruly behavior like shrieking, shouting and bullying is strictly prohibited. Any serious offence must be reported to the Principal.
  14. Corporal punishment is strictly banned in the school. Parents are requested not to advice corporal punishment for their wards to any teachers. Any incident of corporal punishment should be brought in notice to the Principal immediately.
  15. Remarks made in the school diary should be counter signed by the Parents/ Guardians only. Parents are also requested not to make any kind of remarks whatsoever in the Note Book of the students.
  16. Use of mobile, phones, photography cameras or any video recording device in the school campus is strictly prohibited.
  17. A true Angelite should aspire for brilliance in all the school activities. Participation of students in all academic activities, Games & sports, cultural activities and various other co-curricular activities is compulsory for ensuring good grades. 
  18. Any damage done in the class or about the premises (whether to school property, sports goods or that of one’s fellows) shall have to be made good unconditionally. The decision of the Principal in all such cases shall be binding.
  19. A major factor towards success in life is Regularity and Punctuality. Any work assigned to the students therefore should be done well in time.
  20. Children coming late to school without any proper reason not assigned from the Parent / Guardian will be punished.
  21. Any change in address or phone number should be communicated to school office without delay.
  22. Application for leave should bear the signature of Parents / Guardians and must be got sanctioned from the office before availing the leave.
  23. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or conduct injurious to the moral of the school justifies the removal of the students from the rolls of the school. Any indiscipline or negligence will be brought to task by the Principal. Also it may affect the grades in the Co-scholastic areas.
  24. Parents are requested to see the school diary daily so that the line of communication between the parents and teacher remain unbroken.
  25. The report book shall ordinarily be given to pupil within ten days of completion of exam. The parent / guardian shall sign the report book and return it not later than 3 days. In case the parents fail to receive the report book within the stipulated time, they should contact the Teacher IC / Principal for the purpose.
  26. Students are requested to use only cycles if they are managing self conveyance for arrival to school. Any other vehicle like motorcycles, scooters etc. would not be allowed inside the school.
  27. Any child found using unfair means during examination would be debarred from appearing the next two papers. If it is last paper his/her promotion will be doubtful.


  1. Admission is done as per provisions of the school admission policy as given in this website. There is no admission test or screening of any type. Admissions are completely based on first come first serve basis depending on the vacant seats or as based on first come first.
  2. Parents are required to fill up and sign the admission form. A valid date of birth certificate must be attached with the admission form, along with school leaving certificate, if any.
  3. A student seeking admission from an affiliated or recognized school should produce a Transfer Certificate with date of birth. The transfer certificate should be duly counter signed by the concerned authorities of the Education Board.
  4. For withdrawing a Day scholar, parents should give a clear one month’s notice in writing e.g. if one wants to withdraw on last day of October, Notice should start with effect any other working day except first day of the month. Notice cannot be given during holidays.
  5. Admission will be confirmed only on the submission of T.C. from the last school attended and progress report of the school.
  6. Transfer certificate will be issued only after settlement of all dues.
  7. Fee once paid will not be refunded under general conditions.  


  1. Promotion of a student is determined by continuous assessment of one year’s academic work. Marks are awarded for class room participation, home work, and class work, and project evaluation, formative & summative assessment. Every student must try to achieve highest possible grades through sincere efforts.
  2. No student shall disturb his/her classes on plea of borrowing a pencil, pen, book or any kind of stationery.
  3. No student shall indulge in idle conversation with his/her class fellows during lesson time.
  4. All students are required to take active part in class room work. They should be well prepared to answer all questions related to lesson.
  5. All assignments should be completed within given period of time. 
  6. Students should bring their text books as well as note books according to the time table given by teachers.


  1. Orderly and purposeful movement is essential for every member of the school community.
  2. No students should leave the school premises during working hours without written permission from the Principal.
  3. During the change of period the monitor is authorized to mind the class with keen sense of responsibility.
  4. Pupil shall keep their classes & school premises neat and clean. They shall not disfigure the walls, scatter bits of paper on the floor and commit any unhygienic and objectionable act. 


  1. The Director of the school is pleased to receive visitors on any working day during working hours. Parents are most welcome to visit the class rooms of their wards on Second Saturday of every month to discuss the progress of their wards with concerned teachers.
  2. No parent should enter the classes without written permission from the office. This disturbs the study of your ward.
  3. Sorry! We cannot send message to students to come out of their classes to meet their parents for diverse reasons.


  1. We do not encourage any leave of absence from any academic or extra-curricular activities expect genuine sickness leave.
  2. Absence in any formative or summative assessment held during the session would affect the grades.


  1. Parents are requested to make timely payment of fee to ensure smooth functioning of the school.
  2. Payment of fee must be done on monthly basis. Fees must be paid by the Twelfth (12th) day of every month. Incase 12th is a holiday fee must be paid by the next working day.
  3. If fee is not submitted till the above mentioned date, a fine of Rs. 20/- from 13th to 10th of the next month will be charged and after that Rs. 1/- per day will be charged as excess fine.
  4. The name will be struck off from the rolls after the last working day of the month.
  5. Parents will have to deposit the fee in advance on monthly basis.
  6. Parents have the option to deposit the fee for any number of months in advance.
  7. All fee are payable for twelve calendar months in advance.
  8. The fee for the months of February and March should be paid by the 7th of February positively.
  9. Class X students should clear any fee/any other dues before up to March before they collect their Board examination cards.
  10. Students who have not cleared their dues at the time of Annual Examinations would be debarred from attending the examinations.
  11. Besides tuition fee the following charges would also have to be paid :
    • Registration Fee (For New Admission)
    • Any charges levied by the Board
  12. Students who bring cash from home to pay fees should go to the payments counter immediately on the arrival in the school so that they do not drop it somewhere else. However parents must take care not to give cash to small children to be paid in the school office.
  13. Proper receipt must be brought at the time of payment of fees.
  14. The fee payment system is subject to revision during any time of the Session.


Railway concession forms are available in the school and can be made use of by bonfire students of our school. For more details you may contact Principal.

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